Rent an apartment on the Croisette for holidays

Rent an apartment on the Croisette for holidays

For a holiday or a weekend in Cannes, finding a place to stay is not a concern as the city is one of the richest places in real estate today. Especially on the side of the famous Croisette, villas, hotels and luxury apartments abound, more informations, contact : Cannes Luxury Rental. . Large investors and sellers are now discovering a very profitable real estate market thanks to the various Cannes events and festivals. They offer countless possibilities to satisfy customers and are even ready to reduce their prices. Thanks to its proximity to luxury shops, various entertainment venues and a view of the bay of Cannes, the Croisette has maintained its prestige for years. It is counted among the most popular avenues of the world with the Champs Elysée and the 5th of New York. The price list of the apartment rental on the Croisette varies according to the time of year and the quality of the property. It is especially the Middle East that offers the apartments and penthouses of the Croisette. They prefer the services 24 hours a day. The price range of the rental is between 50.000 € and 80.000 € the month of July and August. For the sale, we have already faced € 9 million in the summer, for 200 sqm at Relai de la Reine, a purchase made by a Saudi in 2015.

Seasonal rentals in Cannes

The city of Cannes, thanks to an exotic landscape and a most pleasant tourist decoration, constitutes a very coveted destination for holidays. Seasonal rentals represent an important part of tourist stays in addition to hotels. English tourists and American visitors are mainly attracted by the waterfront properties, but also by the proximity to the beach and restaurants. Learn more about holiday rentals apartment cannes. The price of seasonal rental of these goods varies from 60.000 to 80.000 € the month for a house of 300 m ² close to the beach or with benefits of quality and an impregnable view on the sea. Even if one meets more and more of shorter stays in a month, or even a fortnight, this does not change the rate of bookings during vacation periods. During the Cannes Congress and the Cannes Film Festival, a luxury three-room apartment can be negotiated for € 5,000 a week, and a penthouse on the Croisette for € 40,000 a week. If your choice is on luxury properties with a private garden, an infinity pool, exceptional service or modern furniture and a calm and peaceful interior, the cost of the rental can go up to 75.000 € the month . The Middle Easterners are the ones who appreciate the most the stay on Cannes, they are fond of the quality services and the accessibility of the bay, the shops and the unmissable places of the city.

Cannes villa rental with pool and sea view

Cannes has an undeniable reputation for its romantic and glamorous atmosphere, its famous events and its idyllic beaches. Until today, Cannes has kept some of the most visited places in the world while improving its real estate heritage and its tourist attractions to attract more and more visitors. Because it is a destination of choice, the city offers a wide range of prestigious properties. Luxury villas, exceptional homes and modern houses with views of the Mediterranean Sea, all this is the real estate wealth of the city. From a fairly good price, we can have a quality property with the necessary amenities such as access to the beach, restaurants, shops or the Promenade des Anglais. A villa of 200 m² with garden, swimming pool and stunning views of the sea can start at 50.000 € per month during normal seasons, a price that can offer a more generous area in the other neighboring municipalities. During the Cannes events and especially the Cannes Film Festival, this price can increase in the € 100,000 or more per month.

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