Cannes holiday rentals apartment

Cannes is a French city on the French Riviera, sought after for its climate and unique atmosphere. The city, which hosts the largest French film festival and is home to many beaches and incredible hotels, is still fashionable. Whether you want to rent a house for yourself or put your house up for rent, Cannes is the ideal city! We explain why. Contact a professionnel about Cannes holiday rentals apartment.

Why rent a house in Cannes?

The city of Cannes is exceptional. It attracts more and more people, French or foreign, and it is full of tourists during the summer. Renting a house in Cannes for financial gain is a great idea. The real estate market remains at a very good level and the prices go up during the festival period or during the high season. If you want to rent a house for the vacations or for any length of time, Cannes is a very good choice: the city is beautiful, very well maintained and offers quality services for its inhabitants. Located in the heart of the famous French Riviera, the place is idyllic; the beaches are superb, the cities are elegant and the surrounding nature is of a precious charm.

Where to rent a house in Cannes?

The city of Cannes is big enough to have several districts. To the west is La Bocca, which is quite cheap compared to other areas of Cannes. Closer to the center is Le Suquet, which is the old town of Cannes, with its fortified castle and typical alleys. The city center hosts the shopping streets and luxury boutiques, as well as the port, the festival palace and the croisette. At the back, you will find the districts of the Petit Juas and the Prado République. But the most chic districts of Cannes are without a doubt California and Super-Cannes, where prices easily rise. Your budget determines where you can rent a house in Cannes. The nicest neighborhoods to rent a house are Californie Pézou, Super-Cannes and Bocca. The other neighborhoods are mostly apartments.

What type of property can be rented in Cannes?

Cannes has different types of properties. The houses are quite numerous and are often very elegant, even luxurious. An incredible number of villas are scattered around the city center. With swimming pools, gardens, luxury amenities, large living areas, garages, chic terraces, these villas are exceptional homes. Renting a villa in Cannes often requires a high budget, especially during the summer period. Outside the summer, the properties are cheaper to rent. Many agencies exist to help you in your approach, whether you want to rent a vacation home, to stay there all year round or to put your property up for rent. If you are renting your own property, find out beforehand about the laws and rental rules, which are numerous and often complex. The agencies are also there to take care of all these administrative aspects, whether you are a lessor or a tenant.

Renting a house in Cannes is a very good choice! The city is a jewel of the French Riviera, with a rare atmosphere and a very elegant charm. Many houses or villas are for rent in Cannes and surroundings. Many of these properties are equipped with luxury and quality services. It is possible to find different properties in Cannes; there is bound to be a house for rent that suits your budget and your criteria.