Choosing a new home

Choosing a new home

Selecting real estate at your job has many benefits. Choosing a new home is a gamble for homeowners when it is true that we can have a crush on the old.  More information : The arguments in favor of the new are numerous, although the charm of the old is indisputable. The expansion of the zero-rate loan and low prices, in addition to many tax regimes, favor the purchase of a residence.

New buildings

Houses and all new buildings are subject to new technical and environmental regulations to achieve the energy performance required by the government. The quality of life is greatly improved, and your new home can be resold without the need. The maintenance of a new detached house is much cheaper than an old house. Discover luxury real estate Cannes. The latter often presents unpleasant surprises that involve the renovation or improvement of sanitation. In buying in everyday life, hidden costs will not be generated by buying a detached house that is new. Due to the purchase of a new detached house, you benefit from reduced fees, equivalent to approximately 2.5% or 3% of the purchase price. It is imperative to count more than twice for the purchase of an old house.

buying a house

You benefit from a space planned and optimized according to our way of life, by buying a house. Building materials offer much better thermal and acoustic performance than in the past. A house must comply with regulations and safety standards, both for you and as a buyer. The builder should provide guarantees that protect you. The purchase of new ones also optimizes its expenses. The equipment criteria and the insulating material allow substantial energy savings. You will not have important jobs to program for several decades. Note that acquisition costs for the purchase of a property are new for the purchase of an older home.

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