Buying a new house

Buying a new house

he advantages of the new are numerous. By buying a new house or apartment, you choose a property at the forefront of modernity. Each home offers state-of-the-art equipment and well-appointed spaces, and normally earns large openings for superior balance. Contact a professionnal for more informations : The outer surfaces as well as the zones offer a high degree of quality for an optimal comfort. You like quality equipment, especially in terms of security.

Newly constructed buildings

Homes and all newly constructed buildings are subject to new environmental and technical regulations to achieve energy efficiency. Discover luxury villa for sale valbonne. The standard of living is greatly improved, with your individual house can be resold easily, without the need. The maintenance of a new house is much cheaper than an old residence. The latter presents some surprises that may involve updating, disinfection or renovation. In the acquisition of everyday life, hidden costs will not be generated by the purchase of a new home. Because of the purchase price of a new house, you benefit from reduced notary fees equivalent to approximately 2.5% or 3% of the purchase price. It is imperative to count more than double for the purchase of a home. You benefit from three types of guarantees when you buy a new house:

New purchase

You benefit from a room perfectly intended and optimized according to our way of life by buying a house. Building materials generally offer better thermal and acoustic performance than in the past. A home must comply with the latest regulations and safety standards, both during the construction phase and for you as a buyer. The builder should provide guarantees that protect you against construction defects. The new purchase also currently optimizes one’s expenses. The equipment and insulation criteria allow significant energy savings. You will not have big tasks to program for several decades. Say that the acquisition costs for the purchase of a property are new for the purchase of an old property.

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