Buy a property

Buy a property

We can buy on a stroke of heart. But it is best not to rush when you buy a property, especially if it is a rental unit. A good investment must meet certain criteria. To become a happy new owner, you must take your time before starting to buy real estate. Buying a home is as important as it is complex, especially for the uninitiated. More information :  It is important to be well informed before going further.

Check the condition of the roof

For the purchase of a house, you must check the condition of the roof, the frame, the walls (to detect any traces of cracks), ceilings and sols.Do not forget to check the electrical installation, the plumbing, boiler or chimney. Do not forget to inquire about the existence of easements, for example a right of way on your lands. Choosing a property also means choosing your environment. Discover the luxury villa Cannes. Naturally, a good environment values ​​the good. Housing exposure is also a parameter to consider. Finally, discover the neighborhood because there is nothing like a neighbor too noisy or unpleasant to spoil the pleasure of owning the house of his dreams.

The housing tax

To buy a property is to become liable for local taxes mainly constituted by the property tax and the housing tax. The amount of these taxes is established taking into account the real state of the property. So, for the purchase of a detached house, you must be sure that the seller has declared to the tax any improvements or modifications that he has made, otherwise you will be likely to unexpectedly increase his taxes.

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